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We specialize in small grain seed including oats, barley, wheat, rye, triticale, and pea mixes.

ANTIGO     sold out

Maturity: Early
Lodging: Low
Height: Medium-Short

Antigo is named after our home-town location.
Scale tipping test weights with extraordinary yield!
Test weights averaging 39-41lbs in the UW trials. Average plant heights have been 35-38 inches during four years of trials in Wisconsin. It has been moderately resistant to crown rust and Barley Yellow Dwarf Virus (BYDV).

ESKER       sold out

Maturity: Mid Season
Lodging: Medium
Height: Medium

Esker has been a popular  oat variety which has produced consistently high grain yields. It makes good straw as well and has a descent stand. Esker also shows great disease resistance across the board which helps to assure its good yield performance.

ESKER 2020   sold out

Maturity: Mid Season
Lodging: Medium
Height: Medium

Esker 2020 is a new release from the University of Wisconsin. Wisconsin trials have had very good yields and test weights slightly higher than Esker. It is highly resistant to crown rust and showed low crown rust infection levels in most trials.

SHELBY 427         sold out

Maturity: Mid Season
Lodging: Medium
Height: Medium Tall

Shelby 427 oats is an oat that has very good test weights and good grain yields. Resistance to crown rust is good and resistance to BYDV is very good. Plant height is around 40 inches.


Maturity: Mid Late Season
Lodging: Medium
Height: Medium Tall

Hayden oats has good yield potential and good test weights. Resistance to crown rust is good and resistance to BYDV is very good. Plant height is around 40 inches making it one of our tallest oat varieties.

Red Robin Seeds

OATS Classic


  • Laker is an all new variety whose release was highly advocated by Red Robin Seeds.
  • It has shown excellent results in Wisconsin state trials 2014-2016.
  • During these trials it was one of the highest yielding forage oat lines in terms of DM tons.
  • Laker has a high forage quality, similar to Forage Plus in terms of Relative Forage Quality (RFQ) and Crude Protein (CP%).
  • Laker also has high milk production, similar to Forage Plus.

University of Wisconsin’s newest release of a high performing forage oat in 15 years!


Our top selling forage oat for over 10 years, Vista has good forage qualities and is more affordable than most of the top performing forage oats. Vista is a mid-late variety that is fairly tall. It pairs well with forage peas which will increase protein & energy levels.

Red Robin Seeds

OATS Uncertified

OGLE Released in 1981

Can produce great yields
in the absence of leaf rust

Maturity: Mid Season
Lodging: Medium-High
Height: Medium


Ogle is a very well known variety that has been around for decades. It’s a mid-season oat that shows good yields as long as it avoids leaf rust which it is susceptible to. Though newer genetics from varieties such as Esker have surpassed Ogle in yielding ability and disease tolerance, Ogle is still overall a good variety.

Red Robin Seeds


KEWAUNEE (Wisconsin Certified)

Consistently high yielding
Great disease resistance

Lodging: Low
Height: Medium
PVP: Yes

Kewaunee is a great grain and forage barley. It’s a six rowed smooth-awned variety that consistently shows high yields, good test weight, and good disease resistance.

Red Robin Seeds

Mixes & Forage



This is an all new mix that we’re excited to offer to customers. This mix takes our new late maturing Laker oats and pairs it with an Arvika pea that allows for a great match to produce excellent forage yield and quality. Unlike other pea & oat mixes that use early to mid season varieties, this mix uses the late maturity of Laker oats which allows the growers to harvest when the oats are at mid to late boot stage – which gives the best feed quality oats can give you while also taking the peas off when they’re budding, giving them the highest protein levels you can get.


A very well known forage product, Red Robin Seeds Vista and Badger Peas have been a hot selling item for many years. The mixture gives growers a high quality good yielding forage.


This mix gives growers a high tonnage, high protein forage product.


This mix can generate slightly higher protein levels than pea and oat mixes due to the thicker leaves that triticale produces.


4010 peas work well in mixtures with small grains to make a highly palatable forage.


A versatile small grain that works well for grazing, silage, or baling. Triticale is a favorite for mixing with peas.

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A very popular and versatile choice for cover crop, forage, or grain production. Rye is very cold tolerant and can be seeded late in fall.


A solid choice for fall planting. It can be used as a forage or hay crop. It produces more biomass than winter wheat or barley.


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