Red Robin Seeds

Providing Mid Western Farmers

With Quality Premium Seed

Red Robin Seeds is the brand name farmers have recognized and trusted in for quality premium seed since 1986. At Red Robin Seeds we believe in only selling the best seed, which is why we sell Wisconsin Certified Seed. We are the largest grower of Wisconsin Certified oats in the state, and also offer some great barley choices as well as competitively priced pea blends.

Often times we get asked, “How do you stay in the business of seed oats when it seems that people all around are planting less oats than ever before?”

That’s a tough question for us to answer. You see, unlike the other seed producers that market seed oats as a supplement to their business, we produce it as practically the entire means to our livelihood – and we love it. We take seed oats seriously, and our customers recognize that. Every year we strive to work with our customers and dealers to continue to exceed their expectations, and that’s what keeps us going.

We realize that oats aren’t taken seriously by many, but that doesn’t stop us from taking them seriously. That’s why we’ve been diligently working alongside the University of Wisconsin – Madison to release new varieties that we know you’re going to love.

We would like to thank our loyal customers and also our new customers that are just getting to know us. We look forward to continuing to serve you as the leading seed oat producer in the Midwest.


We are your seed specialists.